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Excel - module 2 : Basic formulas

Microsoft Excel offers an incredibly varied number of functions and features that range from basic to highly specialised. Our different courses are aimed at helping you discover each of its secrets. This course gives you an introduction to the basic formulas used in Excel.
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    0.5 day

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What do you learn?

  • You work with incredible efficiency thanks to your knowledge of formulas and functions in Excel;
  • Your dates and times appear in the format you want;
  • You might still encounter error notifications, but you know exactly what they mean and how to respond.

You can find full details of the programme consisting of 14 Excel modules on our website. 

Target group

You want to improve your knowledge or ability in Excel.

Required prior knowledge

Depending on the module.

Overview of the programme

  • Inserting formulas;
  • Relative cell references;
  • Absolute cell references;
  • Mixed cell references;
  • Naming a cell or cell range;
  • Overview of functions;
  • More about dates and times;
  • Useful information in the status bar;
  • Errors;
  • Exercises.